Gnome druid


Gnome druid lvl 4
HP: 27
Weapons: Dagger, Scimtar, Scythe, Heirloom Mithral Charkram
Languages: Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Drudic, Draconic
Special Abilities: Woodland Stride, Wild Shape
Traits: Heirloom Weapon, Excitable, Rapscallion, Survivor, Intense Artist
Armor: Hide Armor, Armor Spikes, Darkwood Shield, Shield Spikes


Not knowing where he is from, Drolmnaite decided to live his life as a druid, with his animal companion being a tiger. He has seen life at its worst, and he never wanted to see it again, and didn’t want to see it happen to anyone else either, for who would want such horrible things to happen to someone? He thought that becoming a druid might help others, and bring justice to evil-doers. Drolmnaite (pronounced [drol-min-aight]) wanted to learn the secrets of nature and despised all those who wished to seek death and destruction. He needed to find a way to earn money; he is a druid, so it only seemed natural if he had the profession of an herbalist. He doesn’t own a shop, but he uses his house as an area to treat patients and give herbs out to those on official business. He doesn’t normally sell his herbs to those needing his services, but on special occasions will he ever do so.
He was working one day and there was a robbery in a nearby shop. Not being able to bear standing by and watching this happen to somebody, he did the only thing he thought would help the victim of this incident. He got on his tiger and rode after the robbers. He pulled out his chakrams and aimed at the robbers. Druids can’t usually be proficient with chakrams but it was an heirloom weapon (means he is proficient with it) that he treasured deeply since it was the only thing that he has that proves he had a family. He threw his chakrams at the robbers and they struck them, though it didn’t kill them, it was able to hurt them enough to cause them to lose their balance and fall to the ground and drop their stolen items. Drolmnaite picked up the items and returned them to their owner. Before the robbers could get away, Drolmnaite cast an Entangle spell on them, stopping them long enough for the guards to come to the scene and take them away.
Having done this, he was known pretty well throughout the metropolis he lived in. Even the king heard what he did and was impressed by his bravery. He came to Drolmnaite’s house one day and knocked on the door. When Drolmnaite answered the door, he was heavily surprised to see the king waiting at the door. Drolmnaite invited the king to come inside his house and the king politely accepted his invitation and walked in. Drolmnaite pulled out a chair for the king to sit in and they both sat down.
“What may I do for you on this wonderful day my king, looking for some herbs to use or anything of the sort?” asked Drolmnaite.
“Nothing like that, you see, I heard of your heroic deed, the one you where you stopped those robbers.” said the king.
“It was nothing; I just could stand by and watch a helpless shopkeeper get robbed like that, so I did the only thing I thought I should do.”
“Nonsense, most people would hide or simply just act like there wasn’t a robbery at all! It takes bravery and courage to do what you did. Not most warriors would do what you did.”
“You consider me a warrior? I am most honored your majesty.”
“The reason I came here is because I need people like you to work for me.”
“Working for the king of a metropolis would be like a dream come true, but as you can see, I have a job, and people need me, where else would they go for treatment for their wounds, diseases, and illnesses?”
“You won’t be working for me every day, only when there is a problem that needs solved, like when you stopped those robbers. If they had gotten away, I would need somebody like you to find them and stop them. Will you work for me?”
“You don’t even need to ask, of course I will!”
“This is great, whenever I need you, I will send somebody to notify you.”
“Yes sir!”
And so started the adventures of Drolmnaite.

To be Continued…


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